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Committee, after their Conference


New-York Committee Chamber, 15th November, 1774.

Whereas it is apprehended that inconveniences may arise from the mode lately recommended by this Committee for electing a new Committee to superintend the execution of the Association entered into by the Congress; and this Committee of Correspondence having taken the same into further consideration, and consulted many of their fellow-citizens, and also conferred with the Committee of Mechanics thereupon, and having agreed to dissolve their body as soon as such new Committee shall be appointed:

Public notice is, therefore, hereby given, that it is now thought fit, that, instead of the mode prescribed by the former advertisement, sixty persons, to continue in office until the first day of July next, shall be chosen by the freeholders and freemen of the said city, to be a Committee for the purposes mentioned in the said Association; and that the said election shall be held at the City Hall, on Tuesday next, at ten o' clock, in the forenoon, under the inspection of the Vestrymen of this city, who shall be requested by the inhabitants for that purpose.

By order of the Committee,

ISAAC LOW, Chairman.