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Application from Colonel Swartwout


A Letter from Colonel Swartwout, dated this day, enclosing Returns of such Companies of his Regiment as are present on duty, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"New-York, February 20, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: By the within enclosed returns, you will see that those Captains in town of my regiment have small companies, but at the same time nigh a full set of officers. I expect the following Captains in hourly, to wit: Captain Woodford, from Pawling' s Precinct; Captain Ludinton, from — Precinct; Captain Clearck, from Beekman' s Precinct; Captain Durling, from Rombout Precinct. Should it be the same case with the last-mentioned companies to have so few men, and officers complete, it will be necessary for your honourable Board to fall on some plan, either by sending to the several Colonels of Militia of our County to drafts sufficient number of men to fill the within mentioned companies, or by reducing the officers to a proper number. If you should judge the latter to be best, probably it would suit many of the officers to return to their families, as it answers no good purpose to have so many officers and so few men, but, on the contrary, creates great cost, as it is natural to expect where troops are kept there will be disorders attending them. As we have no Doctor for said regiment, I should be glad that Dr˙ Tappen might be appointed for that purpose, as we have an over plenty of officers. I have no other view in writing the foregoing, than to acquaint you with the state of the regiment.

"I am, gentlemen, your very humble servant,


"To the Honourable Provincial Congress at New-York."

The Returns of three Companies of Colonel Swartwout' s Regiment, were read and filed, and are in the words following, to wit:

Jacobus Swartwout, Colonel; — Lieutenant-Colonel; — Major.

  Captains. Lieutenants. Ensigns. Segeants. Corporals. Drums and Fifes. Privates. Deserted. Clerk.
Captain Schenck, 1 2   2   2 34    
Captain Barnum, 1 2 1 3 2 1 27   1
Captain Weeks, 1 2 1 4 2 1 18 10  
Total 3 6 2 9 4 4 79 10 1


Ordered, That the said Letters and Returns be referred to and committed to the Committee of War.



*A List of the Men in one of the Companies of Colonel Swartwout' s Regiment, — James Varian, Samuel Crawford, Isaac Oakly, Joseph Tod, Oliver Killick, James Sanderson, William Thomson, John Drake, Micah Townson, Daniel Horton, Gideon Arden, Ezekiel Dayton, John Baker, Jedediah Owens, John McDonald, Seth Winchell, Andrew Pack, David Johnson, Gilbert Horton, James Brundige, Matthew Carryheart, Philip Heustis, James Farrel, Robert Graham, Stephen Shelly, James Vincet, Robert Hutchings, Benjamin Boyer, Jacob Morril, Valentine Rider, Samuel Townsend, Jonathan Allabee, William Brown, Jun˙, James Hops, Charles Roe, Abraham Morris, John Moreland, Uriah Travis, John Roe, Jesse Burrel.