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New-York Delegates to Committee of Safety



Philadelphia, July 18, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We are honoured with your despatches of the 12th and 15th instant, and detained the express till after the rising of the Congress this day, in expectation of giving you the establishment of the Army, which is reported, but not fully confirmed and perfected; but to our great concern, such was the state of the business before the House, that we were disappointed. We shall, however, seize the first opportunity to draw this important point to a conclusion. In the mean time, as your Troops are sure of being placed on an equal footing with their neighbours, it is hoped the difficulty will not be insurmountable. This is all the satisfaction which we can at present give you on that head.

From a want of proper directions from those who had the charge of transporting the powder for the use of Major-General Schuyler' s department, from this City to Elizabethtown, it has unfortunately been delayed, on the road. We could do no more than complain. The fault will be repaired, and you may expect it soon.

We are not insensible to the distress to which you must be reduced, for the want of money, arms, and powder. With the first, you will soon be supplied. The difficulties attending an emission so uncommon, of which the necessary guards against counterfeits is not the least, has rendered its progress very tedious. We can give you no assurances of a supply of arms and ammunition from this quarter. Every scheme which could be devised to procure them from abroad, has been pursued, and on their success, and the efforts of the different Colonies, we must depend; for in the Southern Provinces there is very little, and none to be spared. Some blankets are to be had in this City, which will be purchased as soon as the money is issued.

We are, Gentlemen, your most obedient servants,


Committee of Safety, New-York.