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Petition of Soldiers in Captain Drury' s Company to the Massachusetts Congress


Camp Cambridge, June 5, 1775.

The Petition of the subscribers, Soldiers in the Company commanded by Captain DRURY, humbly showeth:

That your petitioners, with the utmost concern, find themselves shifted out of Colonel Nixen' s Regiment into that of Colonel Gardner' s, contrary to our inclination, and repugnant to the promise made us at our enlisting. We, therefore, beg that your Excellency would be pleased to continue us in the Regiment we engaged to serve in, and not to be removed for the future only to serve the malevolent disposition of our Captain; and, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.

Windsor Stone,
Brigham Eaton,
David Waite,
Samuel Ordway,
William Clark,
George Gates,
Simon Stow,
Simeon Rogers,
Joseph Goynit,
Josiah Bent,
Joseph Jennings,
Benjamin Clark,
Francis Stow,
Ebenezer James,
Joseph Seaver,
Joseph Brown,
Josiah Waite,
Samuel Everdean,
Joseph Stow,
Azariah Walker,
Isaac Heminway,
Abijah Abbot,
Amos Gates,
Henry Gates,
John Stacy,
Peter Sabin,
Nehemiah Wright.

To his Excellency General Ward, &c.