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New Jail


This Board being informed that part of the New Jail is now in order for the reception of prisoners; and the Jailer and Work-House Keeper of this City having informed, that the badness of the Jail and Work-House is dangerous and inconvenient to the prisoners, therefore,

Resolved, That the Prisoners confined by this Board, agreeable to the directions of Congress, be removed to the new Jail; and that the following Orders be delivered:

To THOMAS DEWEES, Keeper of the Jail of PHILADELPHIA County:

In Committee of Safety, Philadelphia, December 16, 1775.

You are hereby required to conduct the Soldiers and three Sailors from Rhode-Island, now prisoners in your Jail,


to the new Jail in this City, and there deliver them into the custody of Mr˙ Thomas Apty.

By order: JOHN NIXON, Chairman,


You are hereby required to deliver into the custody of Mr˙ Thomas Apty all the Soldiers now in the Work-House, confined by order of this Board.

By order: JOHN NIXON, Chairman.

Resolved, That Thomas Apty be appointed to take care of the Prisoners in the new Jail until the proper Jailer moves into it.

That the said Apty supply the Prisoners with Provisions at the rate of one dollar per week, as allowed by Congress.