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Sam Perkins


An Account of Sloop Pour' s Cargo, SAMUEL PERKINS

Master, and value of said Vessel, taken the 3d of AUGUST, 1775, on her passage to the WEST-INDIES for Powder, by permission of his Honour the Governour,


and carried to BOSTON by the KINGFISHER Sloop-of-War, JAMES MONTAGU Commander, owned by MICHAEL TODD and JOHN McCLEAVE, of NEW-HAVEN. 129
Sloop valued at, £400 0 0
Twenty-one oxen,18 0
Three horses, 43 10 0
Twenty-six thousand three hundred and two quarters hoops and staves, at 45s˙ per thousand, 59 5 9
Two thousand bunches onions, 29 3 4
With hay, corn, oats, provisions, &c˙, 145 2 2
  £806 19 3


NEW-HAVEN, December 27, A˙ D, 1775, — SS.

Personally appeared Messrs˙ Michael Todd and John McCleave, and made solemn oath that they were owners of the aforesaid sloop, and that the same was taken in manner above-mentioned, and having the above cargo on board, being estimated by their best judgment in manner above said.

Before SAMUEL BISHOP, JUN˙, Justice of Peace.