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Address of the County of Berwick



Address of the Freeholders of the County of Berwick, presented to His Majesty by Colonel James Pringle, their Representative in Parliament.

To the King' s Most Excellent Majesty.

The humble Address of the Freeholders of the County of BERWICK, in general meeting assembled.

Most Gracious Sovereign:

Enjoying under your Majesty all the blessings which a mild and equal Government can bestow, we observe, with


inexpressible grief, an unnatural and ungrateful rebellion broke out in part of your Majesty' s Colonies, threatening all the evils of civil war.

With equal concern and surprise, we observe numbers of your Majesty' s subjects in America, who have suffered no actual oppression, misled by apprehensions of danger to their freedom from Great Britain, the seat of liberty itself; and we behold with detestation the arts that have been used to seduce, and by which the contagion has been spread so wide.

Though the forbearance and lenity which your Majesty has shown, and the conciliatory advances made by the wisdom of Parliament, fully evince how ready your Majesty has been, not only to redress all grievances, but also to quiet apprehensions, yet, instead of making such submission as is due to your Majesty' s dignity, and the supremacy of the British, Parliament, an open rebellion is raised by these deluded people, undeserving of the blessings they enjoy, ungrateful to the power by which they have been reared and protected.

These considerations call upon all your Majesty' s loyal subjects, and, among others, upon the Freeholders of this County, to approach your Majesty' s royal person, assuring your Majesty, that with their lives and fortunes they are ready to support the honour and dignity of your Majesty' s crown, and the supremacy of the British Legislature; confident that the wisdom of your Majesty' s councils, your paternal love for all your subjects, and the united force and valour of your Kingdoms, will have their full and proper exertion.

Signed by Sir John Stuart, of Allenbank, Baronet, Praeses of the meeting, by their order, and in their presence, at Greenlaw, the 31st day of October, 1775.