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Letter from General Schuyler to Meshech Weare: Acknowledges the receipt of eleven hundred and forty-seven Pounds in specie



Albany, July 1, 1776.

SIR: I am honoured with your letter of the 21st ultimo by Benjamin Giles, Esq˙, who delivered me one thousand one hundred and forty-seven pounds one shilling lawful, equal to three thousand eight hundred and twenty-three dollars and a half in specie, for which I have passed duplicate receipts. I am exceedingly sorry that the necessity of any further supply of hard money seems to be unhappily superseded by our troops evacuating Canada. I do not mean this, however, as an opinion that no more ought to be sent, as Congress may have views which I am unacquainted with.

By a letter from General Sullivan, of the 24th ultimo, I have reason to believe that our Army is now on its way to Crown Point. I leave this to-morrow in order to join it. Every exertion must be made to prevent the enemy from crossing Lake Champlain, and I have a confident hope that we shall be able to retard their progress by a superior naval force, which is daily increasing, insomuch that we have already built and equipped two gondolas, and I hope to have two more every week for a succession of at least five or six weeks.

We wish much to have the expected reinforcement of


Militia from the different Colonies ordered to levy them. Those from this are nearly all marched. We shall take such measures as will have the most probable tendency to prevent the small-pox from infecting these men; and we hope to succeed, provided that the men will strictly abide by the orders that will be issued.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your most obedient, humble servant,


To the Honourable Meshech Weare, Esq˙, President of the Colony of New-Hampshire.