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Regulations for the payment of the Militia


The Committee appointed to prepare and bring in a plan for the more conveniently paying the Militia who have or may serve in this Colony, and for adjudging and paying all expenses incident to the Militia when in actual service, report: That your Committee are of opinion that one Wagon-master should be appointed by the Field-Officers of every Battalion, when entering on actual service, subject to be removed or rejected by the Brigadier-General. That the Commissaries should every morning make a return to the Wagonmaster of the Provisions; which the Wagonmaster, having examined and compared, ought to return, signed and certified, to the Commanding Officer. That the Wagonmaster should attend, as his special duty, to the arrangement of the Wagons; taking care that, every morning, no more begin the march than one for every ton weight of Provisions, except where there may be half a ton or upwards over and above what will make a ton for every Wagon but one, in which case the one Wagon should be kept in service until so much is consumed as to reduce it below half a ton; and in all cases where the quantity over a ton for each Wagon is less than half a ton, the overplus ought to be distributed into the other Wagons as equally as may be. That every morning all the empty Wagons be discharged; each Wagon having first obtained a certificate from the Wagonmaster, setting forth the number of days it had been in service, and the place where discharged, and the distance to return. That for every twenty miles of such return distance, each Wagon to be allowed twenty shillings for every day' s pay. That every Wagonmaster be allowed the pay and rations of a Major.

Your Committee are further of opinion, that one Paymaster should be appointed for every Militia Brigade, and allowed a Commission of two and a half per cent˙ on all


moneys he shall pay away. That once in every month (or at the end of an expedition, if the same shall not continue a month) the Commanding Officer of each Battalion shall cause to be made out a Pay-Roll of his Battalion, setting forth the number of days each Officer and Soldier has been in actual service under his command: each Company to be in a separate list, and proved by the oath of the Captain, or next Commanding Officer; which Pay-Roll the said Commanding Officer shall cause to be delivered to the Paymaster of his Brigade, signed by such Commanding Officer; and the Paymaster shall pay to the Captain of every Company the pay which shall appear due to such Company by the Pay-Roll, and every Officer the pay which shall appear due to him; and every Wagoner should be entitled to receive from such Paymaster all the pay which shall appear due to him by the Wagonmaster' s certificate.

The House, taking the same into consideration, concurred therewith.

The Congress adjourned till Monday morning, ten o' clock.