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Proclamation of Lord Dunmore


By his Excellency JOHN, Earl of DUNMORE, Lieutenant and Governour-General in and over his Majesty' s Colony and Dominion of VIRGINIA, and Vice Admiral of the same:


Whereas, the rapid settlement made on the west side of the Alleghany Mountains, by his Majesty' s subjects, within the course of these few years, has become an object of real concern to his Majesty' s interest in this quarter. And whereas, the Province of Pennsylvania have unduly laid claim to a very valuable and extensive quantity of his Majesty' s territory; and the Executive part of that Government, in consequence thereof, has most arbitrarily and unwarrantably proceeded to abuse the laudable advancements in this part of his Majesty' s Dominions, by many oppressive and illegal methods, in the discharge of this imaginary authority. And whereas, the ancient claim laid to this


country by the Colony of Virginia, founded in reason upon pre-occupancy, and the general acquiescence of all persons, together with the instructions I have lately received from his Majesty' s servants, ordering me to take this country under my administration; and as the evident injustice manifestly offered to his Majesty by the immediate strides taken by the Proprietors of Pennsylvania, in prosecution of their wild claim to this country, demand an immediate remedy, I do hereby, in his Majesty' s name, require and command all his Majesty' s subjects west of the Laurel Hill, to pay a due respect to this my Proclamation, strictly prohibiting the execution of any act of authority on behalf of the Province of Pennsylvania, at their peril, in this country; but, on the contrary, that a due regard and entire obedience to the laws of his Majesty' s Colony of Virginia under my administration, be observed, to the end that regularity may ensue, and a just regard to the interest of his Majesty in this quarter, as well as to the subjects in general, may be the consequence.

Given under my hand and seal, at Fort Dunmore, September 17th, 1774.

By his Excellency' s command.

GOD save the King.