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Letter from General Heath to General Nixon



King' s Bridge, October 14, 1776.

DEAR SIR: His Excellency General Washington has directed me to take the command of all the troops on this side of King' s Bridge, until further order. I therefore desire that you would have the troops which have marched this day to the eastward of the bridge, by Williams' s, completely ready to turn out in case the enemy should make an attack this night. Should the attack be made towards Frog' s Point, you will endeavour to support the regiments that are posted at the passes there. Should the attack be made at or near East-Chester landing, you will make the best disposition of your troops and repel them. If you should discover any new movement of the enemy, you will please to send me notice thereof immediately by one of the Light-Horsemen.

I am just informed that a guard is absolutely necessary at Rodman' s Point, next to East-Chester creek. Colonel How is near the landing-place with a regiment of Militia. Whether he can mount this guard or not, I cannot tell; it would be well to inquire. You will please to acquaint the other brigade, or brigades if General McDougall' s is got down, with the contents of this.

I am, dear sir, with respect, your most humble servant,


To Brigadier-General Nixon.

P˙ S˙ If there should be no attack your way, and one this way, you will march part of your troops to our assistance, taking care not to weaken your own post too much. We shall do the same to you.