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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


The Committee met at the Court-House, Monday, October 23, 1775:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, Chairman, John Moale, John Smith, James Calhoun, William Asquith, Benjamin Griffith, John E˙ Howard, Isaac Grist, William Wilkinson, Thomas Harrison, Walter Tolley, Jun˙, T˙ Sellers, John Cradock.

Mr˙ Mark Alexander having applied to the Committee and informed them of his intention to send out a vessel to the West-Indies, for a cargo of coarse Salt, and desired to know the opinion of the Committee, whether the regulation of the price of British Salt, hitherto made, should be extended to coarse Salt, or whether the importers thereof should be left at liberty to dispose of it as they pleased, the Committee are unanimously of opinion that they ought not to interfere in regulating the prices of such coarse Salt as may be imported.

The Enrollment of Captain Thomas Butter' s Company was presented by Mr˙ John E˙ Howard, and accepted.

Attested: GOERGE LUX, Secretary.