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Memorial of Stonington Committee to Connecticut Assembly



To the honourable the General Assembly now sitting at


The Memorial of the Committee of Correspondence and Inspection of the town of STONINGTON, and sundry of the inhabitants of said town, most humbly showeth:

That whereas your Honours thought fit, in your last session in May, to grant for the defence and protection of this place, a Captain and ninety men, since which, one half have been ordered to New-London. Your Honours may remember, that this town is the only one in this State that has received any damage from those sons of tyranny and despotism, sent by that more than savage tyrant George III, to deprive us of those inalienable rights that the Supreme Governour of heaven and earth has invested us with:

Your memorialists therefore pray that the number of men ordered and destined as above, may still be continued; and the two eighteen-pounders and four twelve-pounders, and shot, &c˙, that were ordered in your former session for this place, may be delivered as soon as possible, as the harbour is perhaps more used by coasters, and vessels bound to sea, than any harbour in this State; and is a place of great consequence, not only to this, but other States. We therefore beg leave to inform your Honours that several vessels have lately been chased into this harbour by the King' s ships, and have here been protected.

Your memorialists further pray, thai the three large cannon, (now at New-London,) belonging to this town, be likewise ordered to this place; and the two field-pieces that were lent by this town to the town of New-London, be ordered back to the town of Stonington. We therefore


flatter ourselves that this our most reasonable request will be granted. And your memorialists, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.

Stonington, October 11, 1776.



Joseph Denison,
Alexander Bradford,
Robert Stanton,
Nathan Palmer,
Nathaniel Palmer,
Nathan Palmer, Jr˙,
John Daviss,
Andrew Palmer,
Michael Ash,
Lemuel Dewey,
John Ratbun,
John Ratbun, Jr˙,
Peleg Brown,
Elisna Denispn,
Asa Palmer,
Edward Hancox,Jr˙,
Oliver Hilliard,
John Dodge,
Peter Crary,
Clement Minor,
John Minor, 2d,
John Newmon,
Andrew Brown,
Elkanah Cobb,
Samuel Salterlee,
Sands Kiles,
Thomas Robinson,
John Denison, 5th,
Elijah Utley,
James Tripp,
Edward Ells,
Zeb' n Chesebrough,
John Hancox,
Sam' l Chesebrough,
Moses Brumley,
Jonathan Gray,
William Stak,
Henry Burtich,
Win˙ Chesebrough,
James Palmer,
Nathaniel Crandall,
Jared Crandall,
Rufus Palmer,
Elijah Palmer,
Thomas Stanton, 4th,
Asa Lewis,
Nathan Hinckley,
Elijah Hinckley,
John Rock,
James Noyes, Jr˙,
Edward Crosby,
Wiatt Hinckley,
Elihu Babcock,
George Batolph,
Abel Hinckley,
James Noyes,
Peleg Noyes,
John Randall,
Eliphalet Budington,
James Cornish,
John Breed, Jr˙,
Isaac Brown,
Fish Brown,
Hemsted Minor,
Thomas Randall,
John Denison,
Joseph Champlin,
Walter Palmer,
Jedediah Thompson,
Thomas Palmer,
David Thompson,
Charles Thompson,
William Thompson,
Joseph Vincent,
Nathaniel Fanning,
Thomas Leeds,
Phineas Stanton, Jr˙,
Stephen Babcock,
Joseph Page,
Gilbert Fanning,
Daniel Hobart,
John Cotton Rossjter,
Eliphalet Hobart,
James Hancox,
John Hailey,
Peleg Chesebrough,
Nathaniel Fellows,
Nathl˙ Fellows, Jun˙,
Simeon Hiscox,
Thomas Hiscox,
Israel Lewis,
Sylvester Pendleton,
Akors Sheffield,
William Palmer,
Eliph˙ Budington, Jr˙,
Charles Welch,
Job Taylor,
William Scovill.

Rejected in both Houses,

Test: GEORGE WILLYS, Secretary.