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Letter from Johannes Sleght, Kingston, 3d October


A Letter from Johannes Slight, Esq˙, to Colonel De Witt, was read, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Kingston, 3d October, 1776.

"SIR: We have just now received your letter by our post. The Committee are much obliged to you for your trouble. I am directed to acquaint you that the Justices of this and the neighbouring townships of Rochester, Marble-Town, and Hurly, have met here yesterday to consider what is best to be done relative to the Indians. Our frontier inhabitants are daily moving away for fear of them; we have, therefore, concluded to call them together to treat with them, and have already fixed a certain day for that purpose; but as this will be attended with some cost, we would be glad to know whether your honourable House will be good enough to assist us in paying the cost of this treaty. Your answer by the next post will much oblige your friend and most obedient humble servant,


The Convention having taken the same into consideration, did thereupon resolve,

That the Committee of Kingston ought, as soon as may be, represent the matters contained in the said Letter to the Commissioners for Indian Affairs at Albany, and pursue such directions as they may give relative to the same. But that if, by the day appointed for the holding of the said treaty, an answer from the said Commissioners cannot be obtained, that they proceed to hold the same, and that this Convention will pay the expense attending the same.