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Resolution regarding Clay Raymond


This Assembly being informed by Charles Webb, Esq˙, Colonel of the Ninth Regiment of Militia in this Colony, that Clap Raymond of Norwalk, in said Regiment, Lieutenant of a Company of Militia, in the Parish of Wilton, in said Norwalk, of which Matthew Mead is Captain, hath, ever since said Mead was established and commissioned as Captain of said Company, wholly refused to obey the orders of said Captain, or do his duty as Lieutenant of said Company, in any respect;

Resolved by this Assembly, That the aforesaid Clap Raymond be notified to appear before the General Assembly, to be holden at this place on the second Thursday of May next, to answer unto said information, and be dealt with, thereupon as the wisdom of said Assembly shall direct. And that in the mean time the said Clap Raymond be, and he is hereby, suspended from the exercise of his office, of Lieutenant of the Company aforesaid, and the Secretary of this Colony is hereby directed and authorized, by warrant under his hand, to give notice to said Clap Raymond that he appear and answer as aforesaid.