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William Patterson Appointed Secretary to the Congress


Friday, February 2, 1776.

Congress met according to adjournment.

John Cary, Esquire, Secretary to this Congress, not having attended this sitting, and it being uncertain when he will attend, and, also, whether he will incline to continue his service, if present, as he accepted his appointment, last sitting, with great reluctance; and as Messrs˙ Clark and Stewart declined officiating in Mr˙ Cary' s room, as they found such service interfered with the duty of their stations as Delegates of the Congress, and as these reasons equally operated against Mr˙ Cory' s being taken from the more immediate service of the Congress, while his time and attention were taken up in the execution of his office:

Therefore, Resolved, unanimously, That William Patterson, Esq˙, be appointed Secretary to this Congress.