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Signers in Easthampton, Suffolk County



John Chatfield,
Elias Conkling,
Thomas Jones,
Abraham Gardiner,
Abraham Mulford,
Huntling Miller,
Burnet Miller,
Jeremiah Conkling,
Samuel Stratton,
David Mulford,
John How,
Abraham Sherrill,
Thomas Wickham,
Samuel Parsons,
Recompense Sherrill,
Stephen Hedges,
Benjamin Stratton,
John Stratton,
John Gardiner,
David Osborne,
Stephened Wands,
Samuel Buell,
Elisha Mulford,
John Dayton,
John Hudson,
Daniel Hand,
Daniel Hedges,
Nathaniel Huntling,
David Mulford,
Jonathan Barnby,
Eleazer Miller,
Matthew Mulford,
Wm˙ Conkling, Jr˙,
Jeremiah Dayton,
John Miller,
David Dayton,
Thomas Dibble,
John Dayton,
David Miller,
Noah Barns,
Joseph Osborne, Jr˙,
Henry Hopping,
Lemuel Mulford,
Ebenezer Conkling,
Josiah Osborne,
Jeremiah Gardiner,
Henry Chatfield,
Joseph Hopping,
Aaron Isaacs,
John Miller, Jr˙,
John Strong,
Daniel Conkling,
Abraham Barns,
Nathaniel Talmage,
Elisha Daviss,
Patrick Goold,
Jeremiah Miller, Jr˙,
John Daviss,
David Talmadge,
Abraham Dimon,
Jacob Wickham,
Seth Barns,
Isaac Dimon,
William Conkling,
Jason Miller,
Cornelius Osborne,
Nathan Conkling,
Simon Dibble,
William Hedges,
John F˙ Chatelain,
William Mulford,
Elisha Talmage,
Thomas Hedges,
Jeremiah Sheririll,
George Gladden,
John Parson, 3d,
Gurdon Miller,
Abraham Hand,
William Huntling,
Aaron Isaacs, Jr˙,
Stephen Stratten,
John Mulford,
Elisha Jones,
Thomas Osborne,
Jeremiah Bennet,
Lewis Chatfield,
Jere˙ Osborne, Jr˙,
Samuel Hunt,
Enos Talmadge,
Jonathan Mulford,
Selah Pike,
Enos Talmage,
Isaac M˙ Huntling,


James Hand,
Jeremiah Conkling,
Jeremiah Loper,
Jeremiah Talmage,
Zebulon Conkling,
David Edwards, Jr˙,
Jeremiah Miller,
Isaac Conkling,
Edward Bennet,
George Strong,
Jonathan Edwards,
Ludlam Parsons,
Lewis Osborne,
Abraham Loper,
John Parsons,
Joseph Osborne,
Philip Hedges,
Josiah Mulford,
William Hedges, Jr˙,
George Miller,
Elisha Mulford, Jr˙,
Recompense Sherrill,
Thos˙ Edwards, Jr˙,
Stephen Russell,
David Edwards,
Elias Mulford,
Jeremiah Hedges,
Ezekiel Mulford,
Edward Conkling,
Thomas Talmage,
Cornelius Pain,
Jedediah Conkling,
Jeremiah Osborne,
David Tithian,
Joseph Hicks,
John Hedges,
Samuel Conkling,
Zachariah Hicks,
Samuel Hutchinson,
Thomas Baker,
Jeremiah Dayton,
Jacob Miller,
Isaac Van Scoy,
Daniel Baker,
Henry Miller,
Isaac Van Scoy, Jr˙,
Isaac Schellinger,
Ezekiel Hand,
Nathaniel Hand,
Abraham Baker,
Abraham Conkling,
Matthew Bams,
Nathan Mulford,
Elisha Conkling,
Philetes Osborne,
Jacob Hedges,
Elisha Osborne,
Merry Parsons,
Jeremiah Barnes,
Matthew Osborne,
William Parsons,
John Gardiner, Jr˙,
Jedediah Osborne,
Henry Dominy,
Aaron Tithian,
Jacob Osborne,
John Parsons,
David Talmage, Jr˙,
Benjamin Hopping,
Jonathan Osborne,
Jeremiah Sherrill,
Jonathan Squier,
Joseph Osborne,
Nathan Conkling, 3d,
Jeremiah Hand,
Jeremiah Conkling,
Elnathan Parsons,
John Talmage,
Samuel Conkling,
Cornelius Bessett,
Abraham Osborne,
John Mulford,
David Miller,
Henry Hopping,
Jonathan Tutho,
Peleg Miller,
Elias Hand,
Jesse Dayton,
Elisha Miller,
Henry Dayton,
Jacob Dayton,
Daniel King,
Zebedee Osborne,
Jeremiah Parons,
Daniel Edwards,
John Parsons,
Mulford Conkling,
Nathan Miller,
John Stratton,
Matthew Stratton,
Stephen Burnet,
Jacob Sherrill,
Joseph Miller,
James Field,
Samuel Baker,
Abraham Edwards,
Samuel Mulford,
Micah Hart,
Samuel Parsons,
Benjamin Conkling,
Benjamin Leek,
Samuel Sherrill, Jr˙,
Gemalle Bennet,
Abraham Hedges,
Eleazer Hedges,
Seth Parsons,
Jacob Osborne,
Abm˙ Mulford, Jr˙,
Richard King,
Jonathan Skellenger,
David Loper,
Mulford Conkling,
Thomas Edwards,
Nathaniel Domony,
William Bassett,
David Baker,
Isaac Pain,
Ezekiel Miller,
Sineus Conkling,
Benjamin Parsons,
John Huntling,
James Loper,
Jacob Conkling,
Abraham Quan,
Stephen Cooper, Jr˙,
Jacob Conkling, Jr˙,
David Loper,
Benjamin Eyres,
Christ˙ Dibble,
John King,
Benjamin Hedges,
Samuel Gardiner,
Ichabod Kayner,
John Parsons, 4th,
David Leek,
Smith Osborne,
Nathl˙ Dommoney,
Abraham Leek,
Abraham Miller,
Edward Wick,
Samuel Dayton,
Jonathan Miller,
Jeremiah Terrey,
Uriah Miller,
Samuel Mulford,
William Bams,
Nathan Miller,
Ezekiel Jones,
Ananias Miller,
Abraham Schellinger,
Ezekiel Jones, Jr˙,
Thomas Filer,
Jeremiah Conkling,
Nathan Conkling,
Nathaniel Baker,
Daniel Loper,
John Hoox.

These may certify that every male in the Town of Easthampton have signed the above Association, that are capable of bearing arms. By order of the Committee: