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Instructions for Officers in the Recruiting Service


The Committee appointed to prepare instructions for the Officers in the Recruiting Service, brought in their Report, which was read, and the same being taken into consideration, the Congress thereupon came to the following Resolutions:

Resolved, That the Colonels of the several Battalions ordered to be raised, do immediately order their Officers on Recruiting Service to such pans where they are best known, and have the greatest probability of success.

That the Recruiting Officers ought to be careful to inlist none but healthy, sound, and able-bodied men, and not under sixteen years of age.

That the Colonels of the several Battalions aforesaid, appoint some place, or places, of rendezvous, to which the Recruits may be sent, and where the Battalions may be quartered.

That the greatest attention ought to be paid to the behaviour of the Troops in Quarters, that they may give no reasonable cause of complaint.

That the Quarters of the Troops be duly discharged once every week.

That an allowance of one Dollar and-a-third of a Dollar, per man, be made to the Recruiting Officers, in lieu of their expenses in recruiting, exclusive of the Subsistence-Money allowed them; and that, in case any men be inlisted contrary to the foregoing regulations, the pay they may have received, and the Subsistence-Money that may be paid for them, shall be stopped from the pay of such Recruiting Officers.

That the Colonels of the several Battalions to be raised in Pennsylvania be supplied with Money for the Recruiting Service by the Committee of Safety of said Colony, and disburse the same to the several Recruiting Officers; the Colonels and other Officers to be accountable for what they shall receive, and all arrears they may fall into to be stopped from their pay.

Resolved, That the sum of one Dollar and one-third of a Dollar, per man, be allowed to the Officers of the First Pennsylvania Battalion for each man by them inlisted, who shall have passed muster.

Resolved, That the Treasurers be empowered to advance to Mr˙ Regonville a sum not exceeding four hundred Dollars, taking his draft or bill on his agent for the same.