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Report of Committee on a Plan of Government


In Congress, Monday, March 4, 1776.

The Congress met.

And the Journal of yesterday was read.

The President of the Council of Safety laid before the Congress a Letter which he had last night received from Mr˙ Habersham, in Georgia, dated Savannah, February 28, 1776, representing the present state of publick affairs in that Colony.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Simon Berwick be added to the Commissioners for signing the first emission of Money ordered by Congress.

Resolved, That a Letter be forthwith written to Colonel Bull, enclosing to him a copy of the Letter received from Savannah.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Kershaw be added to the Committee on Publick Accounts.

Colonel Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, from the Committee appointed to prepare such a plan or form of Government as will best produce the happiness of the People, and most effectually secure peace and good order in the Colony, during the continuance of the present dispute between Great Britain and the Colonies, delivered in a Report.

Ordered, That the determination when the said Report shall be taken into consideration, be postponed till to-morrow morning, eleven o' clock.

Resolved, That all the Members of Congress within sixty miles of Charlestown, who are still absent, be forthwith sent for, by special messengers, at their own expense.

The Rev. Mr˙ Tennent, from the Committee to whom the Petition of William Hill, relative to a Bloomery, was referred, delivered in a Report.

Ordered, That the consideration thereof be postponed.

Adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow.