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Orders with Respect


The Committee having taken into consideration the situation of the several Battalions in this City, with respect to their Ammunition and Arms:

Resolved, That the Colonels of the several Battalions be requested to call in all the Ammunition now in the hands of the Associators, and deliver it to the Commissary; and the Commissary is hereby directed to deliver twenty-three rounds of new Cartridges to every Associator in the several Battalions who have Fire-locks fit for service; which Cartridges the Associators are to deliver to their respective Captains, to be put up in bundles, and marked with the names of the several Associators. The Commissary is to examine the Arms of every Associator before he delivers out the Ammunition, and take lists of such Arms as he thinks ought to be proved, and return said lists to the Colonels of the several Battalions, who are to acquaint the owners of said Arms that they cannot be supplied with Ammunition until their Firelocks are proved by the Commissary, who is directed to stamp every Fire-lock with the number of balls each will take to the Pound.