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Captain Blewer


In Council of Safety, July 31, 1776, A˙ M.

Present: David Rittenhouse, Chairman, Timothy Matlack, Samuel Morris, John Moore, Henry Keppele, Jun˙, Frederick Kuhl, Joseph Blewer, John Weitzel, James Cannon, John Bull, Owen Biddle.

Ordered, That George Fetterman and James M˙ Daniel be detained from proceeding with the Associators to New Jersey, and that they be desired to use the utmost diligence in procuring Timber for making Gun Carnages.

By order of the Board, Mr˙ Joseph Ferree was desired to deliver Mr˙ John Mitchel, Commissary for victualling the Navy, twenty-five bushels of Salt out of the stores at Germantown.

By order of the Board, an Order was drawn on John M˙ Nesbitt, Esq˙, Treasurer, in favour of Jesse Roe, for £50, towards Lead purchased for this State; to be charged to his Account.

A Letter from the honourable President of the Congress was read, requesting this Board immediately to send to General Mercer, for the service of the Flying-Camp, ten six-pounders and an equal number of four-pounders, out of the stores of this State.

Ordered, That Captain Joseph Blewer procure and forward the Guns to General Mercer.

By order of the Board, Captain Hazelwood was directed to deliver Mr˙ James Mease fifty barrels of Combustibles, to be charged to Congress.