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Daniel King


In consequence of an application made by Daniel King to have Captain Loxley returned to this city, the following Letter was wrote to General Roberdeau, signed by the Chairman:

"SIR: As you are not unacquainted with the resolutions of the late Committee of Safety to have a number of brass field-pieces cast, and the necessity which gave rise to it, it will be needless to enlarge thereon; but as the Board have not had the success they wish in their attempt to cast iron cannon, it becomes more necessary for this Board to promote and forward the said intention to the utmost of their power; but the absence of Captain Loxley with his artillery company, who has the chief management and superintendence of the foundry, has occasioned almost the entire stoppage of that important business. The Council of Safety have therefore to request you to return Captain Loxley to the cannon foundry, as he will be likely to serve his country more effectually in that station than any other. A day' s delay in this business may be attended with the most serious consequences; we do therefore hope it will be done as soon as possible."