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Letter from Captain J. Paul Jones to the Marine Committee: Capture of the brigantine Favourite



Providence, at Sea, in North Latitude, 36o 40' , and West Longitude 51o, September 7, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I had the honour of writing to you 27th ultimo per the brigantine Britannia, a Nantucket whaler, which I sent under the care of Lieutenant Grinnell. Also 4th current per the brigantine Sea-Nymph, from Barbadoes for London, which I sent in under the care of Mr˙ Hopkins master of the Providence, with a particular account of my cruise till that time. Nothing has since happened till last night, when I took the brigantine Favourite, laden with sugar, from Antigua for Liverpool, as per custom-house certificates herewith enclosed. As this vessel did not sail from Antigua till 18th ultimo, my future success must be very uncertain. The West-Indies are very much thinned of shipping, and I have already succeeded beyond my expectation; however, I will not yet give up the pursuit. I send this vessel in under the care of Mr˙ Vesey, my acting master. Since I despatched the Sea-Nymph, I have understood that there is a very considerable property in wine and cash over and above what is enumerated in her clearance.

I hope this may appear in time to take measures accordingly. I herewith forward you a large bag of letters, which may, I hope, contain some useful information. Some of them contain bills of lading for the cargo. As I have no clerk, I hope to be excused for not sending copies of my former letters.


I have the honour to be, with grateful esteem and much respect, gentlemen, your much obliged, very humble servant,


The Favourite' s crew are as follows, viz:
John Davis, Master; Bernard Gallaway, Mate; Jno˙ Williamson, Second Mate; Jno˙Wilson, Ben˙Alien, Wm˙ Robarts, James Bacop, Saml˙ Cornish, Jno˙ Gaunt, Jno˙ Irvine, Seamen.