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Letter from Samuel Tucker to Lord Stirling



Trenton, March 9,1776.

MY LORD: Since writing the enclosed, I received your favour of the 5th current. I have also received a letter from our Delegates, returning your letters of the 1st and 3d current, requesting me to lay them before the Committee of Safety, notwithstanding they must know that our Provincial Congress sent a letter by one of their Members to the Continental Congress, offering to raise two battalions more, or one, if they thought it most proper. Their answer was the following resolve, which I copied in my memorandums:

"March 1. — Application being made by the Convention of New-Jersey for two more battalions and two companies of Artillery, to be raised in that Colony, and the same being referred to a Committee, on the reports of the said Committee, the Congress did not agree to the raising any more battalions in that Colony.


The above resolve was received and read in our Convention the 2d instant, and two companies of Artillerymen only ordered to be raised at the expense of this Colony. What Mr˙ Livingston and our other Delegates can expect by referring your requisition back, I cannot say. Neither can I with any propriety convene the Committee, (who have already advised the sending your letters to the Continental Congress, of which I advised them,) as the members live seventy miles apart. I should be happy to be serviceable to the publick in general, or your Lordship in particular.

The Congress passed a law to regulate the conduct of all persons that may be suspected; to be carried into effect by the several Committees.

I have the honour to be, with due respect, your assured friend and humble servant,


P˙ S˙ If any employment should offer for Major Phillips, he will be useful to you. The enclosed is his writing.

S˙ T.