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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


The Oath appointed on Tuesday last to be taken by all Masters of Vessels to whom Permits for leaving this Port are granted, was cancelled, and the following substituted in its stead:

Oath. — "You A˙ B˙, do make oath, that the manifest now given in is a just and true account of the goods taken in, or intended to be taken on board your vessel; that you will not dispose of or sell any of the goods now shipped on board your vessel, to any person, or persons, who, you have reason to suspect, will carry the same to Lord Dunmore, or any British vessel-of-war, nor will convey any passengers, letters, or intelligence, to Lord Dunmore, the British vessels-of-war, or to any other person whatsoever, with design of conveying such letters or intelligence."