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Letter from Jonathan Elmer


In Committee at Greenwich, in Cumberland County, in New-Jersey, June 3, 1776:

Personally appeared before the Committee Mr˙ Joseph Lightburn, owner of the sloop Betsey & Ann, Benjamin Tucker master, from Bermuda; and on examination, says, that his sloop, now lying at Greenwich, was laden at, and cleared from, Turk' s Island, with seventeen hundred bushels of salt and two puncheons of rum, (as appears per cocket;) that their design is to exchange the cargo for corn, &c. By examining the papers of the master, they nearly correspond with what Mr˙ Lightburn relates. He further says, on examination, that the people of Bermuda are in the greatest distress for want of provisions; that many hundreds must inevitably die by hunger if not speedily relieved; that he had heard nothing of any prohibition of trade between the United Colonies and Bermuda when he left that place.

On motion, it was Ordered, That the Secretary immediately


wait on the honourable the Continental Congress, and request their advice and directions on the matter.

A true extract from the Minutes:


THOMAS EWING, Secretary.