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Representation by the Committee for the City


Messrs˙ Low, Bancker, John Reade, and Denning, a sub-Committee from the City Committee attending, were admitted. They informed this Committee, that they were charged with two different matters from the Committee of the city. The one that the Military Night-Watch in this city is very frequently not to be depended on; that it very frequently happens, that the Captains or Officers do not


know the greater part of the ground; and that there are some Companies, many of which are not trustworthy; and Mr˙ Denning said, that when he lately had the care of the guard, he had many persons in his guard to whom he could not think it prudent to communicate the countersign. That the City Committee are of opinion that the most proper method to guard this city is to raise a Regiment in this city, in Continental pay; and Mr˙ Denning alleges, that there is a great number of men in this city, who would willingly inlist for that purpose, provided they can be ascertained, that they will not be ordered out of the Colony on any Continental duty.

The said sub-Committee mentioned that a great inconvenience arises from vessels loading in this port, by order of the Continental and Provincial Congress, and of this Committee of Safety, by their not having certificates for that purpose. That many of the inhabitants not knowing why any such vessels are lading, apply to the laders, and to the City Committee with complaints. That it is, also, in the power of the laders of such vessels to lade other produce, or greater quantities than they are permitted; and that, therefore, that it is the request of the City Committee, that some proper person be appointed to inspect and superintend the loading of all such vessels, and to report thereon to the Provincial Congress, or Committee of Safety.

The sub-Committee withdrew, and the Committee of Safety requested the Chairman to speak to Captain William Mercier, to know whether he will undertake to manage and inspect the lading of vessels laded at this port; and, also, whether he will inspect the work done, and materials used in making carriages for cannon.