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Mr. Emerson


The Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve descriptive of the Horse designed for Mr˙ Emerson, reported.

The Report was read and accepted, and is as follows:

Whereas, in a Resolve of this Congress passed on the 1st instant, the horse appointed for the use of the Rev˙ Mr˙ Emerson, of Concord, was not so fully described as that Thomas Reed, of Woburn, the keeper of said horse, could with safety deliver him to said Emerson: Therefore,

Resolved, That said Reed be, and hereby is directed to deliver a certain Sorrel Horse that was taken by the Guards at Roxbury from an officer of General Gage' s Troops, on the 20th of April last, to said Emerson he paying a reasonable sum for the keeping said horse; and said Mr˙ Emerson is hereby permitted to keep and use said horse until the further order of this Congress.