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E. Biddle to William Atlee



Reading, November 19, 1776.

DEAE SIR: I take the liberty of troubling you in hopes of rendering a service to some gentlemen prisoners here, who by their unexceptionable conduct have acquired the good will of the inhabitants here.

You will readily think that so great a number of prisoners as are crowded in so small a place as this must subject them to many inconveniences, especially as they almost all are at housekeeping and must furnish themselves. Two families are particularly in want of servants, and unless it is inconsistent with some instructions to or rule of your committee, I should take it as a favour if you would use your influence for John Linoch and John Fallis, (two soldiers,) with their wives, to be sent here. Captain Anstruther applies for the former, Dr˙ Gill and Lieutenant Scholts for the latter. They find it difficult to get even wood cut, and the two latter are obliged to cook for themselves.

I have given myself and you this trouble from no motive but that of humanity.

I am, sir, with great regard, your most obedient servant,


To William Atlee, Esq˙, Lancaster.