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John Hancock to Walter Livingston



Philadelphia, November 17, 1775.

SIR: The Congress having resolved that the prisoners taken at Chambly and St. John' s be sent to the Towns of Reading, Lancaster, and York, in the Colonyof Pennsylvania; and having issued orders to the officer who has the charge of conducting them, to march them by the nearest road to the Town of Reading, in said Colony, and to apply to you for provisions for subsistence on their march: I am directed to order you to supply them, agreeably to the rations given to the Continental Army.

I am further to direct you, if the prisoners agree to it, to send the women, children, and baggage, by water to Amboy, from thence to be sent across to Bordentown, and from thence by water to Philadelphia; from which last place they will be sent to join the garrison in the Towns allotted them; this being judged the safest, cheapest, and most commodious way of conveying them.

Should the express not meet the party with the prisoners, please to take the letter and deliver it to the commanding officer on his arrival with the prisoners at Albany.

I am, &c˙, JOHN HANCOCK, President.

To Walter Livingston, Esq˙, Deputy Commissary.