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Committees of the Several Counties in the Province


Resolved, That the following Advertisement be published in the different Newspapers in this City:

Committee of Safety, Philadelphia, July 28, 1775.

Whereas, the Continental Congress have, by their Resolves of the 10th instant, recommended that all Officers above the rank of a Captain be appointed by their respective Provincial Assemblies or Conventions, or, in their recess, by the Committees of Safety appointed by said Assemblies or Conventions:

The Committee of Safety appointed by the Assembly of Pennsylvania, do therefore request the Committees of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, and of the several Counties of this Province, to make a return to the Committee of Safety at Philadelphia, of all the Officers of the Military Association, in order that Commissions may be made out for them, agreeable to the above Resolves of the Continental Congress. And the several Committees are further requested to make a return to the Committee of Safety of the number of the Associators, and also of the Non-Associators within their respective Districts.

By order of the Committee:

B˙ FRANKLIN, President.