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Committee of Intelligence required to keep, in proper hooks, minutes of their transactions, and copies


In Congress, Wednesday, November 29, 1775.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

And the Journal of yesterday was read.

On motion, Resolved, That all future vacancies, by the decease, refusal to act, or removal from the Colony, of any members of Congress, or of Parochial and District Committees, shall be filled up in the usual way of electing, by the inhabitants of the respective Parishes or Districts where such vacancies shall happen, after a time has been appointed, and sufficient notice thereof given by the respective Parochial or District Committees.

Daniel de Saussure and Robert William Powell, Esqrs˙, the Delegates sent from this Congress to the Provincial Congress of Georgia, upon the late commencement of hostilities against this place, returned, and reported some pernicious illicit practices which had come under their observation, relative to the disposal and exportation of Indigo from Georgia.

Whereupon the Congress came to the following Resolution:

Whereas the Continental Congress, on the first day of November last, resolved, "That no produce of the United Colonies be exported (except from Colony to Colony, under the direction of the Committees of Inspection and Observation, and except from one part to another of the same Colony) before the first day of March next, without the permission of this Congress; and that no Rice be exported under the exception contained in the fourth article of the Association, from any of the United Colonies, to Great Britain, Ireland, or the Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney or Man, or any other European Island or settlement within the British Dominions:" Wherefore, to give efficacy to so important an act, it is hereby published and declared, to the end that all persons govern themselves accordingly.

Ordered, That Mr˙ President be desired to write to Georgia, relative to the exportation of Indigo and Rice, inclosing a copy of the Continental Resolve relative to the latter.

On motion, Resolved, That the Thanks of this Congress be returned to the President and Members of the late Council of Safety, for their great diligence in their attendance on the publick affairs of this Colony.

And Mr˙ President returned the Thanks of the Congress accordingly, to those gentlemen.

On motion, Resolved, That Messrs˙ Andrew Frederick, Peter Moorer, and Isham Clayton, be, and they are hereby appointed Commissioners for repairing and keeping in repair, the publick road between the Charlestown District line, and the line of the Parish of St˙ Andrew. And that the said intermediate District do elect a District Committee, after having given proper notice of such intended election.

Ordered, That the Committee of Intelligence do, in future, enter into proper books, to be kept for that purpose, minutes of all their transactions; together with copies of all the letters that shall be written by and to them.


And that they do produce the books, containing whatever shall be done or written, by order of the Council of Safety or General Committee, to either of those bodies respectively by whom the same has been ordered, whenever required so to do.

On motion, Resolved, That Colonel Laurens, Colonel Pinckney, the Hon˙ Mr˙ Lowndes, Mr˙ Ferguson, Mr˙ Edwards, Mr˙ Joseph Kershaw, and Col˙ Daniel Horry, be, and they are hereby appointed a Committee to make diligent inquiry, during the recess of Congress, and report early at the next meeting thereof, what communications between different Rivers in this Colony, the present or future circumstances of our affairs may render absolutely necessary to be opened, or prove beneficial, particularly between Santee and Cooper Rivers, and Edisto and Ashley Rivers; the manner in which the same may be most effectually and expeditiously carried into execution; and estimates of the expense that will attend the same.

On motion, Resolved, That the Hon˙ Henry Middleton, Thomas Lynch, Esq˙, Colonel Christopher Godsden, John Rutledge, and Edward Rutledge, Esqrs˙, or any two of them, be, and they are hereby continued, and fully authorized, to represent this Colony in the American Congress now holding at Philadelphia; with the same powers as were vested in those gentlemen at their election by the late Congress of this Colony held in June last.

On motion, Resolved, That the counterfeiting or imitating any of the Certificates issued and passing current, as money, by authority of Congress, or uttering, knowing the same to be counterfeit, be, and is hereby declared a capital offence, and punishable, as such, by authority of Congress.

On motion, Resolved, That this Congress shall be adjourned to the first day of February next. And that those members who do not attend the service of their country at the said adjournment, shall then be sent for, at their own expense, unless good and satisfactory reasons shall then be given for their non-attendance.

On motion, Resolved, That the making a proper compensation to the Secretary for his services, and also to his Assistant during the present Session of Congress, be left to the discretion of the Council of Safety.