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Elizabethtown, New-Jersey


Elizabethtown, New-Jersey, December 19, 1774.

The Conimittee of Observation for the free Borough and Town of Elizabeth, taking into consideration that James Rivington, Printer of one of the New-York Gazettes, having published many pieces in his paper, and divers pamphlets, inimical to the liberties of America; by which We have reason to suspect that he is a vile Ministerial Hireling, employed to disunite the Colonies, and calumniate all their measures entered into for the publick good; in order therefore, to discountenance the attempts of every person unfriendly to American liberty,


Resolved unanimously, By this Committee, that they will take no more of said Rivington' s Gazettes, nor send any advertisements to be inserted therein, or have any further dealings or commerce with him: And that we will recommend it to our constituents to observe the same conduct towards said Rivington, or any other Printer who shall publish or print any pieces or pamphlets tending to break the happy union now subsisting throughout the American Colonies. By order of the Committee,