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Return of the Surgeons and Mates of General Sullivan' s Brigade


A Return of the Surgeons and Mates of Brigadier-General SULLIVAN' S Brigade, examined agreeable to Orders, &c.

Isaac Spafford, Surgeon, of Colonel Nixon' s, approved. Caleb G˙ Adams, Surgeon, of Colonel Poor' s, approved, but means to quit his place.

Mr˙ Green, of — , Mr˙ Goss, of Stork' s, both sick; therefore, not yet examined.

Mr˙ Parker and Nathaniel Breed, Mates, approved.

Nathaniel Burnap, Mate, not qualified.


One Mate declines examination; but his name is not come to hand.


I have not yet had leisure to make out a list of Instruments, Bandages, and Medicines, necessary for each Regiment, but shall at first leisure. I have given directions in what manner the Hospital Surgeons are to assist the Regimental Surgeons at Roxbury, and would beg a few minutes' conference with his Excellency General Washington on the same subject in respect to Cambridge.

March 3, 1776.