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Court-Martial on John Peale, Boatswain of the Ranger


In Council or Safety, July 26, 1776.

Present: David Rittenhouse, Chairman, Samuel Morris, Sen˙, Frederick Kuhl, Timothy Matlack, Joseph Blewer, James Cannon, Henry Keppely, Owen Biddle, Thomas Wharton.

Mr˙ Rittenhouse and Mr˙ Morris were appointed to wait on Mr˙ Samuel Howell and Mr˙ Samuel Morris, Jun˙, to


know whether they will serve in this Council; who report, that they both decline serving for the present.

A Petition was presented from Charles Lawrence, William Watkins, and Robert Tatnall, Captains of Guard Boats stationed at Darby Creek, setting forth the inconvenience of taking their Provisions from the Fort, and praying that Mr˙ Sketchly Morton may be appointed to supply them in future.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Sketchly Morton do supply the said Boats with Provisions until further orders.

Two Orders were drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq˙, in favour of Benjamin Davis - -one for £79 15 for Colours, Drums, &c˙, supplied Colonel Miles' s Battalion; the other for £60 11 9, for Colours and Drums supplied Colonel Atlee' s Battalion.

An Order was drawn on M˙ Hillegas, Esq˙, in favour of John Messersmith for £12 10s.

On a Petition from John Peal, Boatswain of the Ranger, setting forth that he was in confinement, and prays to be released and removed to another boat,

Ordered, That a Court Martial be held on the said Peal, and a Court of Inquiry on the officer who confined him, as soon as possible, and report the sentence to this Board.

By order of the Board, Mr˙ Robert Towers was directed to deliver Colonel Robert Lewis fifty Muskets and Bayonets.