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Orders to Colonel Gerrish


The following Orders were delivered to Col˙ Gerrish:

"You are hereby empowered, agreeably to a vote of the Provincial Congress, to grant liberty that any of the inhabitants of this Colony, who may incline to go into Boston with their effects, fire-arms and ammunition excepted, have toleration for that purpose, and that they be protected from any injury or insult whatsoever in their removal to Boston. The following form of a permit is for your government, the blanks of which you are to fill up with the names, and number of the persons, viz:

"Permit A˙B˙, the bearer hereof, with his family, consisting of ˙˙˙ persons, with his effects, fire-arms and ammunition excepted, to pass unmolested into the Town of Boston, between sunrise and sunset.

"By order of the Provincial Congress:

JOSEPH WARREN, Clerk, pro tem."