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Letter from Governour Trumbull to Governour Gage



Lebanon, August 10,1774.

SIR: I have the honour to receive your letter of the 20th of May last, and the pleasure to congratulate you that his Majesty hath judged fit to order you to return to your command of his forces in North America, and also to appoint you to be Governour-in-chief of his Province of the Massachusetts Bay.

I do assure your Excellency of my readiness to co-operate with you in all matters that concern the good of his Majesty' s service, and the welfare, freedom, and happiness of his subjects.

I have also received your other letter of the 23d of July last , enclosing two affidavits, of Mr˙ Green , and Mr˙ Scott , touching the treatment the former met with in Windham and Norwich, in this Colony. At your request I have inquired concerning the same; and find that others, well knowing in the affair, do put a very different face and colour on those transactions.

A King' s Attorney, and other informing officers are appointed in each county to inquire after, and Courts of Justice instituted to hear and try all informations made of, the breaches of law which happen therein, and all other causes for damages which are duly brought before them: full and ample provision is made by law for the punishment of such as are found guilty of the breach of it; and for the redress of injuries done to the person or property of any one who brings his suit, and prosecutes the same to effect. Mr˙ Green hath good right to take benefit thereof, and undoubtedly will obtain the satisfaction his cause may appear to merit. I am, sir, your most obedient humble servant,

His Excellency Thomas Gage, Esq.