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Address of Both Houses


Ordered, That the Honourable Mr˙ Drayton and Doctor Haig be a Committee for a free conference with a Committee of the Legislative Council, touching the manner of signing, and mode of delivery of their joint Address to his Excellency the President.

Captain Lempriere reported, that he, with Mr˙ Verree, had delivered the Bill they had in charge to the Legislative Council.

Captain Moultrie presented, according to order, an Ordinance to repeal an Ordinance of the General Assembly, passed 23d February, 1771, appointing Henry Peronneau and Benjamin Dart, Esquires, joint Publick Treasurers, and to appoint Commissioners to take a state of the Treasury; and the same was received, and read a first time.

Resolved, That the Ordinance be read a second time.

The Honourable Mr˙ Drayton reported, that, in compliance with the Message from this House to the Legislative Council, touching the signing and delivery of the joint Address to his Excellency the President, they appointed the Honourable Colonel Pinckney and Doctor Oliphant as a Committee, to confer with the Committee of this House; and it was agreed, as the engrossed Address was in the General Assembly, the Speaker of this House should sign it first, leaving room for the Speaker of the Legislative Council to sign above; that then the Address should be sent to the Legislative Council, to be signed by their Speaker, in presence of both Houses.

On motion. Resolved, That the House do, in the present instance, agree to the mode proposed in the above Report, but that the same shall not be drawn into precedent.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Speaker do sign the joint Address of this House and the Legislative Council.