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Elisha Phelps to New-York Congress



Albany, July 7, 1775.

HONOURED SIR: Received your favour, dated June 29, 1775, On the 6th day of July instant. I also received the stores of provisions in place of Mr˙ Bleecker, who I was in hopes might have been ordered to purchase provisions, and deliver to me to forward. Sir, flour is very scarce in this City, or cannot be purchased without money. I have been through the City with the assistance of Esquire Palmer, and could not get but twenty barrels; also, have been to Schenectady, and could not get but ten barrels there. I am much afraid the Troops will suffer if they cannot be immediately supplied. I wrote by the post to one of the gentlemen Committee for two or three hundred barrels of flour. Should be glad your Honour would see and order as you think proper. Colonel Hinman has wrote orders to me for hospital stores, and they cannot all be got in this City. Captain Mott will inform you more particularly. Sir, should be glad to know who in particular to write to for provisions, &c˙, at New-York, that is and will be wanted.

I am, with esteem, Sir, your most humble servant at command,


To his Honour P˙V˙ B˙ Livingston, President of the Provincial Congress, New-York.