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Letter from General Schuyler to New-York Provincial Congress


"Saratoga, May 13, 1776.

"SIR: Mr˙ Duer informs me that he has presented a petition in behalf of a considerable number of freeholders and freemen in the County of Charlotte to your honourable House, in which he engages himself to support the facts therein alleged before the Convention, on or about the 14th day of this present month.

"As I find it necessary to the publick service to engage Mr˙ Duer' s assistance in executing an important commission, I have to request the favour that your House will not proceed to determine with respect to the election lately held in Charlotte County till Mr˙ Duer' s arrival in New-York, which will be as soon as the matter is completed in which he is at present embarked. I have no doubt but you will then be of opinion that his slay was not only justifiable but highly expedient.

"I am, sir and gentlemen, with the greatest respect, your most obedient, humble servant,


"To the Honourable the President and Members of the Provincial Convention at New-York."

"Mr˙ Duer begs Mr˙ Van Buren will deliver this into the hand of J˙ M˙ Scott, Esq˙; in case of Mr˙ Scott' s absence, to Jacob Cuyler, Esq.