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Bills of Credit for fifty thousand Pounds authorized, and a tax laid to sink the whole amount


Whereas, a sum of Money is necessary for payment of incident charges of Government:

Be it therefore enacted by the Governour, Council, and Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, That there be forthwith imprinted the sum of fifty thousand Pounds, Bills of Credit on this Colony, equal to lawful money, of suitable denominations


as the Committee herein appointed shall direct, and of the same tenour with the late impression of Bills of Credit of this Colony, without interest, payable at or before the tenth day of May, 1777, dated the ninth day of May, 1775. William Pitkin, George Wyllys, Elisha Williams, Benjamin Payne, and Thomas Seymour, Esquires, or any three of them, are appointed a Committee for the purpose aforesaid, to take care that said Bills be imprinted with all convenient speed, and to sign and deliver the same to the Treasurer of this Colony, taking his receipt therefore. And the said Committee shall be sworn to a faithful discharge of their trust, and the Treasurer is hereby directed to pay out said Bills according to the orders of Assembly. And for providing an ample and sufficient Fund to call in, sink, and discharge the aforesaid sum, to be emitted as aforesaid,

Be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That a Tax of seven pence on the pound be, and is hereby granted and ordered to be levied on all the Polls and Rateable Estate in this Colony, according to the list thereof, to be brought into this Assembly in October, 1775, with the additions; which Tax shall be collected and paid into the Treasury of this Colony by the tenth day of May, 1777; which Tax may be discharged by paying the Bills of this Colony of this emission, or lawful money; and the Treasurer of this Colony is hereby ordered and directed to send forth his Warrants for collecting the same accordingly.