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Proceedings from June 5 to July 6


Voted, That the Pay Roll of Captain Eliphalet Daniel, for his Company of Matrosses, from the 17th of May, 1776, to the 17th of June instant, amounting to £154 12s˙, be allowed and paid out of the Treasury, and that the President give order of payment.


Voted, That Noah Emery, Esq˙, Clerk of this House, receive out of the Treasury 6s˙ per day for his services as Clerk of this House, over and above his wages as Member of the House during the last session of this House in March last, amounting to £4 16s˙, and that the President give order of payment.

Voted, That Colonel Isaac Wyman be appointed First Colonel of the Regiment now to be raised and sent into Canada, in the room and stead of Major James Hackett, who was appointed, and has resigned.

Adjourned till tomorrow morning, eight o' clock.