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Letter from Governour Trumbull to Colonel Livingston: A diversion on Long Island is decided to be impracticable



Lebanon, September 13, 1776.

SIR: Since my last of the 9th instant, I am favoured with a letter from General Washington, in which he gives his opinion, that, under present circumstances, a diversion on Long-Island is impracticable, and that the only object there is the securing and bringing off the persons and effects of our friends; perhaps some of the provisions for our enemies may be intercepted or destroyed.

I am obliged to recall Major Ely, to take charge of a regiment of Militia ordered towards New-York. The rest of the men from this State will remain there for the present, and so long as they can be serviceable in assisting our friends, or intercepting the provisions for our enemies. I confide in your prudence to direct their operations, and when the aforesaid objects are attained, upon the appearance of danger from the enemy' s ships, to make a timely retreat to the Continent.

I am, &c˙,


To Colonel Henry B˙ Livingston.