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Pennsylvania Committee of Safety, December 21, 1775


Thursday, December 21, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present — John Nixon, Chairman, James Mease, Owen Biddle, Daniel Roberdeau, Samuel Howell, George Clymer, Alexander Wilcocks, Joseph Reed.

Upon application of Captain Willet, for the payment of sixteen Firelocks, purchased by him for the use of his Company in the First Pennsylvania Battalion, an Order was drawn on Messrs˙ Mease and Caldwell, in his favour, for forty-seven pounds, seventen shillings and six pence.

And on application of Captain Harmar, one other Order was drawn as aforesaid, for thirteen pounds, being the amount for four Firelocks purchased for his Company.

By order of the Board, an Order was drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esquire, Treasurer, in favour of John Maxwell Nesbitt, Esq˙, for fifteen hundred pounds.

Sacherwal Woods' s Account for furnishing Provisions to the Prisoners confined in Jail, by order of Congress, was examined, and thirty-four pounds nine shillings, recommended to be paid by Congress.