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General Orders, Head-Quarters, New-York, August 6 to August 12


Head Quarters, New York, August 12, 1776.

(Parole, Stowe.) (Countersign, Temple.)

The business of granting passes proving burdensome to Messrs˙ Berrien, Ray, and Wilmot, three others are added to them, viz: William Goforth, John Campbell, and Samuel Cowperthwaite. Any passes signed by either of them are to be allowed.

The honourable the Continental Congress have been pleased to appoint the following gentlemen Major-Generals of the Army of the United States, viz: William Heath, Esq˙, Joseph Spencer, Esq˙, John Sullivan, Esq˙, Nathanael Greene, Esq. And the following gentlemen Brigadier-Generals: James Read, Esq˙, Colonel John Nixon, Colonel Arthur St˙ Clair, Colonel Alexander McDougall, Colonel Samuel Holden Parsons, Colonel James Clinton. They are to be obeyed and respected accordingly.

Jacob Jones, in Captain Stewart' s Company, late Colonel McDougall' s Regiment, tried by a Court Martial, whereof Colonel Wyllys was President, and convicted of "sleeping on his post," sentenced to receive thirty stripes. The General approves the sentence, and orders' it to be executed at the usual time and place.

A quantity of spears being arrived, the General Officers commanding posts where they may be wanted, are to make report and draw for them through the Adjutant-General.

After Orders. — That as little shifting of Regiments, and change of alarm posts may take place as possible, at a time when an attack may be hourly expected, the General orders and directs that the following arrangement of the Army,


in consequence of the late promotions, shall take place, till some new disposition can be made, viz: Glover' s, Smallwood' s, Miles' s, and Atlee' s Regiments, to compose one Brigade, and to be under the command of Brigadier Lord Stirling.

Late Nixon' s, Prescott' s, Varnum' s, Little' s, and Hand' s Regiments, to form another Brigade, and be commanded by Brigadier-General Nixon.

Late McDougall' s, Ritzema' s, and Webb' s Regiments, and the Artificers, to be another Brigade, under the command of General McDougall.

Late Parsons' s, Huntington' s, Ward' s, Wyttys' s, and Durkee' s Regiments, to compose another Brigade, under the command of General Parsons.

Late Clinton' s, Read' s, Bailey' s, Baldwin' s, and Learned' s Regiments, to be another Brigade, commanded by Brigadier-General James Clinton.

Sergeant' s, Hutchinson' s, and Hitchcock' s Regiments, to be added to General Mifflin' s Brigade.

General Heard' s whole Brigade is to move over to Long Island. Colonel Gay' s Regiment is to join his Brigade in the City of New York. Colonel Hitchcock' s Regiment is to relieve the detachment at Burdett' s Ferry, where it is to remain, and receive orders from Brigadier Mifflin. Lord Stirling, and the Colonels of the Regiments in his Brigade, are to fix upon a Brigade parade, convenient to the several encampments thereof. General McDougall is to do the same with his Colonels. All the other Brigades, parades, and alarm-posts, are to be as last settled.

The Brigadier-Generals James Clinton, Scott, and Fellows, are to be under the immediate command of Major-General Putnam. The Brigadiers Mifflin and George Clinton' s Brigades, to be commanded by Major-General Heath. Brigadiers Parsons' s and Wadsworth' s Brigades to be under the command of Major-General Spencer. Brigadiers Nixon' s and Heard' s Brigades, to be commanded by Major-General Greene. Till General James Clinton can join his Brigade at this place, Colonel Reed is to command it. Under this disposition, formed as well as times will allow, the united efforts of the officers of every rank, and the soldiers, with the smiles of Providence, the General hopes to render a favourable account to his country and posterity of the enemy, whenever they choose to make the appeal to the great Arbiter of the Universe.

Lieutenant-Colonel Tyler is appointed Colonel of the Regiment late Parsons' s, and Major Prentice Lieutenant-Colonel thereof.

Lieutenant-Colonel Durkee is appointed Colonel of the Regiment late Arnold' s, and Major Knowlton Lieutenant-Colonel of said Regiment.

The Congress have likewise been pleased to appoint Rufus Putnam, Esq˙, an Engineer, and have given him the rank of Colonel in the Army.

Major Henly (for the present) is to do duty as Brigade-Major in General James Clinton' s Brigade; Major Box in General Nixon' s; Major Livingston in Lord Stirling' s; and Major Peek in General Parsons' s; and Richard Platt, Esq˙, is to do the duty of Brigade-Major in Genera McDougall' s. All of which are to be considered and obeyed as such.