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Colonel Joseph Reed to Stephen Moylan



Head-Quarters, October 19, 1775.

SIR: Your favours per express and for Mr˙ Wilson are received. The two hundred and sixty dollars were sent per express, as per receipt; but, to prevent any disappointment, the sum you mentioned is now again sent. You must make inquiry and endeavour to get the former sum, which has missed its way. Let two hundred barrels of flour be detained for the use of the vessels at Salem, to be put in the hands of the agent. There is nothing to be gained by sending teams from hence, so that you had better employ those of the country at the price you mention. A letter from you to the Committee of Ipswich, I fancy, will answer all your purpose. We really have no time this morning.

We have no news from St˙ John' s to be depended on. For God' s sake, hurry off the vessels that are to cruise — transports without convoy arrive every day at Boston. The Philadelphia delegates are in camp. Your friend Mr˙ Lynch will he glad to see you. We must take another opportunity to write Mr˙ Wentworth. I will do what I can for Wilson, who, I think, has merit.

Yours, &c˙, J˙ REED.

To Stephen Moylan, Esq.

P˙ S. Please to deliver the enclosed letters for Selman and Broughton to themselves.