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February 29, 1776


By HYDE PARKER, Jun˙, Esq˙, Captain of His Majesty' s Ship PHENIX:

You are hereby required and directed to proceed to Boston, with the ship Sally, under your command, calling at Rhode-Island, where you are to apply to the commanding officer of his Majesty' s ships for convoy and a pilot. Should you be so unfortunate as to meet with any of the Rebel cruisers, and find no possibility of escaping, it is my positive directions that you do throw overboard all arms and ammunition, to prevent their falling into the hands of the Rebels. Should there be any ship in sight that you suppose to be a man-of-war, you are to do your utmost to disable the ship, by rutting her gears and lowering her lower yards down, in order to prevent the Rebels from carrying her off,

Upon your arrival at Hoston you are to report yourself to Admiral Shuldham, or the Commander-in-Chief for the time being. You are also during your passage to use your utmost endeavours to keep company with the Harriet transport, and the Frances sloop.

Given under my hand, on board his Majesty' s Ship Phenix, off the Narrows of Gravesend Bay, this 29th of February, 1776.


To Mr˙ Smith, Commander of the Ship Sally.