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Patrick Sinclair, Lieutenant-Governour of Michilimackinack, now a prisoner, permitted to return to Europe, Committee to confer with General Lee on the defence of New-York


Monday, March 11, 1776.

A Letter from Lord Stirling, of the 8th, enclosing three papers; and

A Letter from the Convention of New-York, of the 7th, enclosing an application from Patrick Sinclair, a prisoner, for leave to return to Europe, were laid before Congress and read.

The Congress, taking into consideration the Letter from the Convention of New-York, and the application of Patrick Sinclair,

Resolved, That Patrick Sinclair be allowed to return to Europe.

Resolved, That an Order for 2,500 Dollars be drawn on the Treasurers in favour of Mr˙ Alsop, Mr˙ Lewis, and Mr˙ Sherman, to enable them to pay for the Shoes purchased by them for the Northern Army.

Resolved, That a Committee of three be appointed to confer with General Lee, respecting the ways and means of defending New-York.

The Members chosen, Mr˙ R˙ H˙ Lee, Mr˙ Whipple, and Mr˙ Rutledge.

The Committee of Claims reported, that there is due,

To Benjamin Town, for seven hundred and eighty-nine Canteens, the sum of 341˙9 Dollars.

Ordered, That the same be paid.

Resolved, That the Committee on Applications and Qualifications be directed to provide six Medicine-Chests for the six Virginia Battalions.

The Congress took into consideration the Instructions to the Commissioners going to Canada, and having spent some time thereon,

Resolved, That the further consideration thereof be postponed till to-morrow.

The matters to this day referred being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.