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Report of the Board of War and Ordnance on a Letter from Governour Trumbull, of the10th instant


Monday, June 17, 1776.

A Letter of the 7th of May, from Brigadier-General Armstrong, and one of the 6th of June from the Committee of Albany, were laid before Congress, and read.

The Board of War and Ordnance, to whom the Letter of Governour Trumbull, of the 10th of June, was referred, brought in their Report, which was taken into consideration: Whereupon,

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Governour and Assembly of Connecticut to send the two Battalions mentioned in said Letter as raised, one for Boston, and one with a view to New York, into Canada forthwith, as proposed in said Letter; and that a Battalion of Militia be sent to Boston, instead of the one intended for that place.

That blank Commissions be sent to Governour Trumbull, for the Officers of the Battalion raised with a view to New-York; the present exigency requiring this measure, the same not to be drawn into precedent.

That 10,500 Dollars be paid into the hands of the Delegates of Connecticut, to be sent to that Colony to defray the expenses of raising the said Regiment.

That Governour Trumbull be informed that Congress are of opinion that the provision made by the late Act of Assembly of Connecticut, for the purpose of engaging one-third of the Militia on the sea-coast, and one-fourth in the interior part of that Colony, for the defence thereof, and of the neighbouring Colonies, will by no means answer the object the Congress had in view by their Resolution of the 3d of June; and request that such steps be taken by the Assembly of that Colony as shall seem to them most likely to carry into effect the said requisition.

Resolved, That Commissions be granted to the Officers appointed by the Assembly of Connecticut for the Regiment ordered to be raised in that Colony for the service of the Continent.

Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to sell two tons of Gunpowder to the Convention of New Jersey, for the use of their Militia.


The Committee appointed to digest and methodize the Resolutions entered into by the Committee of the Whole, having, performed that service, brought in their Report, which was taken into consideration: Whereupon,

Resolved, That an experienced General be immediately sent into Canada, with power to appoint a Deputy Adjutant-General, a Deputy Mustermaster-General, and such other officers as he shall find necessary for the good of the service, and to fill up vacancies in the Army in Canada, and notify the same to Congress for their approbation. That he also have power to suspend any Officer there till the pleasure of Congress be known, he giving his reasons for so doing in the orders of suspension, and transmitting to Congress, as soon as possible, the charge against such Officer: Provided, that this power of suspending Officers and filling up vacancies, shall not be continued beyond the first day of October next.

That General Washington be directed to send Major-General Gates into Canada, to take the command of the forces in that Province.

That no Officer suttle or sell to the Soldiers, on penalty of being fined one month' s pay and dismissed the service with infamy, on conviction before a Court Martial.

That the Baggage of Officers and Soldiers be regulated conformably to the rules in the British Armies.


That all sales of Arms, Ammunition, Clothing, and Accoutrements, made by Soldiers, be void.

That no Troops employed in Canada be disbanded there; that all Soldiers in Canada, ordered to be disbanded, or whose times of inlistment being expired, shall refuse to reinlist, shall be sent, under proper officers, to Ticonderoga, or such other post on the Lakes as the General shall direct, where they shall be mustered, and the Arms, Accoutrements, Blankets, and Utensils, which they may have belonging to the publick, shall be delivered up and deposited in the publick Store.

That a Deputy Mustermaster-General be immediately sent into Canada.

That the local Commissaries and Quartermasters, appointed at the different Garrisons or Posts, shall make Weekly Returns to the General of the Provisions and Stores in the places at which they may happen to be stationed.

That the General to be sent into Canada be directed to view Point-au-Fer, and to order a Fortress to be erected there, if he should think proper.

That the General Officers, Deputy Quartermaster-General, local Commissaries, Paymaster in Canada, and all other persons there who have received publick moneys, be ordered, without delay, to render and settle their accounts; on which settlement no General Officer shall receive pay as


Colonel of a Regiment, nor Field-Officer as Captain of a Company.

That General Schuyler be directed to make a good wagon road from Fort Edward to Cheshire' s; to clear Wood Creek, and to construct a lock at Skenesborough, so as to have a continued navigation for battcaus from Cheshire' s into Lake Champlain; to erect a grand Magazine at Cheshire' s and secure it by a stockaded Fort; to erect a Saw-Mill at Schoon Creek; to order skilful persons to survey and take the level of the waters falling into Hudson' s River near Fort Edward, and those which fall into Wood Creek and interlock with the former, particularly Jones' s Run and Half-Way Brook, the latter of which is said to discharge itself into Wood Creek at Cheshire' s; that he be directed to have a greater number of boats and hands kept on Hudson' s River, at the different stations between Albany and Fort Edward, in order to save the expense of wagonage; that he be empowered to appoint proper officers to superintend the carriage by land, and transportation by water, of provisions, military stores, and other things, into Canada, that neither waste or delay may arise therein; that he build, with all expedition, as many galleys and armed vessels as, in the opinion of himself and the General Officer to be sent into Canada, shall be sufficient to make us indisputably masters of the Lakes Champlain and George; and that, for this purpose,


there be sent to him a master carpenter acquainted with the construction of the galleys used on the Delaware, who should take with him other carpenters, and models also, if requisite; and that it be submitted to General Schuyler, whether a temporary fortification or intrenched camp, either at Crown Point or opposite Ticonderoga, may be necessary.

That the Commissary-General be directed to supply the Army in Canada with Provisions, and to appoint proper officers under him to receive and issue the same at the several Posts, taking the directions of the General; that he be empowered to contract with proper persons in Canada for supplying the Army there with fresh Provisions; that he bo directed to purchase for them a quantity of Albany Peas, and to furnish as much Biscuit as may be necessary; and that his pay be raised to 150 dollars a month.

That the Quartermaster-General be directed to provide and forward such Tents, Clothing, and Utensils, as are wanted for the Army in Canada, subject to the direction of the Commander-in-Chief.

That General Washington be directed to send into Canada such small brass or iron Field-pieces as he can spare; that he be instructed to issue orders that no certificates be given in future by any but Brigadiers, Quartermasters, and their Deputies, or a Field-Officer on a march, or officer commanding at a detached Post.

That Letters be written to the Conventions of New Jersey and New York, and to the Assembly of Connecticut, recommending to them to authorize the Commander-in-Chief in the Colony of New York to call to the assistance of that Colony, when necessity shall require it, such of the Militia of those Colonies as may be necessary; and to afford him such other assistance as the situation of affairs may require; and that it be further recommended to the Convention of New York to empower the said Commander-in-Chief to impress carriages and water-craft when necessary for the publick service, and also to remove ships and other vessels in Hudson' s and the East Rivers, for the purpose of securing them from the enemy.

That General Washington be permitted to employ the Indians whom he may take into the service of the United Colonies, pursuant to a Resolution of Congress of the 25th of May last, in any place where he shall judge they will be most useful; and that he be authorized to offer them a reward of one hundred dollars for every commissioned officer, and of thirty dollars for every private soldier, of the King' s Troops that they shall take prisoners in the Indian country, or on the frontiers of those Colonies.

That the Companies of Riflemen from Virginia and Maryland be regimented, and that the Regiment be completed to the original number of the Pennsylvania Battalion.

That the Pennsylvania Battalion of Riflemen be completed to their original establishment.

That two Companies of the forces now in the Delaware Government be ordered to Cape May.

That the Committee appointed to contract for Cannon, be directed to procure a number of brass or iron Field-pieces, to be made or purchased immediately.

That the Committee appointed to provide Medicines, be directed to send a proper assortment of Medicines to Canada.

That Mr˙ James Mease be directed to purchase and forward to the Quartermaster-General in New York, as much Cloth for Tents as he can procure.

That the Committee appointed to provide Stockings and Shoes for the Troops in Canada, be directed to purchase such other articles as may be wanted for the use of the soldiers in Canada, and send the same to Albany, that they may be forwarded to the Army in Canada, and that they be particularly attentive to provide, in time, a sufficient number of leathern Breeches and under Waistcoats, and such other winter clothing as may be necessary for them.

That the said Committee be directed to forward, with all expedition, to the Quartermaster in Canada, such Shoes as are already provided.

That Prisoners, taken by Continental arms, be not exchanged by any authority but the Continental Congress.

That all Vessels which sailed from the Port or Harbour of Boston, while the Town of Boston was in possession of the enemy, having on board effects belonging to the enemies of America, and which have been or may be seized, be liable,


together with the said effects, to confiscation, in the same manner and proportions as have been heretofore resolved by Congress.

That the Continental Agents in the respective Colonies, where no Courts have been established for the trials of captures, have power, and be directed, to dispose, at publick sale, of such articles of a perishable nature as shall be taken from the enemies of America, and that the money arising from such sale be liable to the decree of such Court whenever established.

That the inventory of the Ordnance Stores, taken by Captain Manley, be sent to General Washington, and that he be requested to appoint a person on the part of the Colonies, to join one on the part of Captain Manley and his crew, who, having first taken an oath for that purpose, shall proceed to value the same; and if they cannot agree in the value, they shall call in a third person to determine the same; that the Report of such persons be returned to Congress so soon as may be, and the value of the Stores belonging to Captain Manley and his crew be thereupon transmitted to them.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Delegates of Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, to devise the mode of raising the Battalion of Germans voted the 25th of May last.

Resolved, That the further consideration of the Report be postponed till tomorrow.

The Committee to whom was referred the Cartel between Brigadier-General Arnold and Captain Forster, for the exchange of Prisoners, and the several papers relating thereto, brought in their Report, which was read.

Ordered, To lie on the table.

The Committee on the Petition of Colonel Turbutt Francis reported, that they had met on the business referred to them; that the Indians refused to be examined, or to give evidence on the matter, which prevented their proceeding; wherefore they desired to be discharged.

Resolved, That they be discharged.

The Committee on Spies brought in their Report, which was read.

Ordered, To lie on the table.

The Committee to whom the Letters from William Palfrey, Esquire, Paymaster-General, were referred, brought in their Report, which was read. Whereupon,

Resolved, That the said Letters, with the Weekly Returns enclosed, be delivered to the Superintendents of the Treasury, to be filed in the Auditor-General' s Office.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, tomorrow.