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Resolutions Reported Yesterday by the Committee of the Whole


The Congress then taking into consideration the Report from the Committee of the Whole,

Resolved, That no produce of the United Colonies be exported (except from Colony to Colony, under the direction of the Committees of Inspection and Observation, and except from one part to another of the same Colony) before the 1st day of March next, without the permission or order of this Congress: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to vacate the Resolutions of Congress for the importation of Arms, Ammunition, &c.

Resolved, That New-York, the lower Counties on Delaware, North-Carolina, and Georgia, ought not to avail themselves of the benefit allowed to them by the late Restraining Act; and, therefore, that no person should apply at the Custom-Houses in those Colonies for clearances or other decuments, which other Colonies are deprived of by said Restraining Act, for securing the navigation of Vessels with cargoes from their ports; and that the President transmit to the Assemblies or Conventions of those Colonies copies of this Resolution, with the thanks of this Congress, to those Colonies, respectively, for not having hitherto taken any advantage of the exemptions in the said Act of Parliament.

Resolved, That no Rice be exported, under the exception contained in the 4th article of the Association, from any of the United Colonies, to Great Britain, Ireland, or the Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney, or Man, or any other European island or settlement within the British Dominions.

Resolved, That no Live Stock, (necessary sea stores, at the discretion of the Committees, and horses, excepted,) be exported from these Colonies, or water borne, except in Rivers, Bays, and Sounds.

Upon motion made, Ordered, That the Delegates for South-Carolina and Georgia have a copy of the above Resolutions, to forward to their Conventions.

The further consideration of the Report postponed, and also the matters referred to this day, and the Order of the Day renewed.

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.